History of the Foundation

The F. Allen and Louise K. Turner Foundation was first established in 2001 by Louise K. Turner for the purpose of supporting philanthropic endeavors related to preservation and attachment to the land, conservation, the arts, and education.   Attachment to the land is a lifelong commitment that reflects respect for the natural environment and appreciation for habitats, ecosystems and the natural evolution of the earth.  

Louise Kreher grew up in the un-natural urbanized, developed environment of paved streets, cement banquetts of shotgun doubles and Creole cottages, of streetcars, automobiles, small and large businesses, schools and churches, and bayous of the Mid-City area of New Orleans. 

Throughout her childhood she regularly interacted with her family in the broader natural environment of swamps, lakes, streams, levees, sea walls, forrests, public parks and canals where during the weekend she participated in pleasurable and survival activities that included camping fishing, shrimping, and crayfish trapping.  Lastly, in her pre-school years, she spent weekends and vacations on the Old Spanish Trail Highway with her family on automobile trips and touring excursions enhanced by living in tents when visiting adjacent southern states with her parents.  These cherished memories bore an indelible spot in her heart for the wonder of nature and the importance of preserving our great natural resources for future generations. 

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